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Published May 2020

STUCK THAT WAY AND OTHER QUANDARIES contains six short stories exploring the rebellious, vengeful, even primal part of us that lurks within and coverts a moment in the light.


This collection includes a tale of a boy who defies his mother and finds himself exactly where she feared. A monstrous creature who savagely turns an unsuspecting woman and her dog, but into what? A woman's hysterical belief she killed someone, which actually leads to death. A mysterious present left outside a couple's door that unleashes more than suspected. A little girl's first walk to school, the familiar face who offers her a ride, and the tragic ending. And finally, the battle between the Abraxas and Moondyne families, kept at bay for decades, until Camille Abraxas meets Tiffany Moondyne and they revive this ancient feud.

Three stories recieved the title of Coffee House Writers "Most Views" in 201, where they were published until this placed in published in this book.