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Want to feel more SECURE? Listen to Track One: Root Chakra. Feel guilty about ENJOYING life? Afraid to feel? Listen to Track Two: Sacral Chakra. What about you sense of POWER? Do you feel in charge of your life? If not, listen to Track Three: Solar Plexus Chakra. How about SELF-LOVE? Do you have enough? Listen to Track Four: Heart Chakra. Do you speak up for yourself? Have you found your VOICE? Listen to Track Five: Throat Chakra. Afraid of the unseen or never see what everyone sees? Want to connect to your HIGER SELF? Track Six: Third Eye Chakra. Want to hear all culminated into one UNIVERSAL crowning message? Track Seven: Crown Chakra. 

A collection of guided meditations to Shift your perspective, heal past wounds, and open your heart. These eleven meditations will help Shift your life toward wholeness.

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