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"You're a little twisted," Terri said after reading my short story collection.
I said, "Thanks."

I love to write stories with twist endings, weird situations, and unexpected themes. Yet, behind each story lies a simple truth about our human experience. I hope you enjoy reading my work as much as I enjoy writing it.

Thanks for visiting my website. Julie



"Allison, unlock this," Seth whispered, with his mouth perched where the door and frame met. "I'm worried." He jiggled the crystal doorknob. "Actually, I'm getting a bit annoyed." He pulled back. "Staying in there all day isn't healthy."

He pressed his shoulder against the mahogany door. He had always loved the Art Deco building where they lived, but he wondered if he possessed enough strength to bust the solid wooden slab open. Seth tried the knob again, but it remained locked. "Allison?"

The Crooked Crone

For the third time today, the word sign stole my attention. First, I woke to an old song touting signs were everywhere. I didn't take any particular notice at the time. Instead, I slammed the snooze button and never gave it a second thought... Maybe he should have?


The speedboat chopped through the waves as it raced toward the island. Beth tugged on the strap across Lizzie's chest. The makeshift harness held firm...


Crimshaw Payne was Crow. Not full-blooded, or even half, but she had enough of her ancestors' blood in her veins to feel the Great Spirit flow within them...


I'll never understand why people love the scent of fresh flowers. Each blossom radiates a pungent sweetness which hangs in the air and sticks in the throat. Sickening and inescapable, like my little sister, Jillie. Someone whispers she looks pretty. She does. Her pale hair sweeps across one brow, and her lips pose a cherub's smile. I find this incredible until I remember it's Jillie. She always looks amazing...


The silhouette stood with the trees like a long shadow cast by the afternoon sun. Except, it wasn't daytime when I spotted the strange figure. It was dusk. Someone knocked, but my sister refuses to let me out of the bathroom to answer the cabin's front door.

"Move out of my way, Jillie." I tug at my sister's hands as she presses them against the door.

"You're not opening it," she says.

I fight her push with all my strength until I lose my patience. I ram my shoulder into her and shove her out of my way.

"DON'T!" Jillie cries...


Millis pushed his chair back and rose. Never glancing up, he gazed down at the metal bands clamped around his wrists.


"Do you understand the criminal charges brought against you?"


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"Her door is closed, the way Jim likes it. At night, after he's asleep, I open it. I don't want her to consider herself a prisoner trapped or chained to this house. She's been too weak to leave her room, but I want her to know she's free to roam about."