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"You're a little twisted," Terri said after reading my short story collection.
I said, "Thanks."

I love to write stories with twist endings, weird situations, and unexpected themes. Yet, behind each story lies a simple truth about our human experience. I hope you enjoy reading my work as much as I enjoy writing it.

Thanks for visiting my website. Julie


The silhouette stood with the trees like a long shadow cast by the afternoon sun. Except, it wasn't daytime when I spotted the strange figure. It was dusk. Someone knocked, but my sister refuses to let me out of the bathroom to answer the cabin's front door.

"Move out of my way, Jillie." I tug at my sister's hands as she presses them against the door.

"You're not opening it," she says.

I fight her push with all my strength until I lose my patience. I ram my shoulder into her and shove her out of my way.

"DON'T!" Jillie cries...


I'll never understand why people love the scent of fresh flowers. Each blossom radiates a pungent sweetness which hangs in the air and sticks in the throat. Sickening and inescapable, like my little sister, Jillie. Someone whispers she looks pretty. She does. Her pale hair sweeps across one brow, and her lips pose a cherub's smile. I find this incredible until I remember it's Jillie. She always looks amazing...


Millis pushed his chair back and rose. Never glancing up, he gazed down at the metal bands clamped around his wrists.


"Do you understand the criminal charges brought against you?"


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"Her door is closed, the way Jim likes it. At night, after he's asleep, I open it. I don't want her to consider herself a prisoner trapped or chained to this house. She's been too weak to leave her room, but I want her to know she's free to roam about."

That's Creepy Santa! Part Two

Christmas Eve didn't go as planned. Instead of their intimate evening together, Paul surprised his wife by being creepy. Maya took control of the situation and put him in his place. Well, in several places...

That's Creeepy, Santa! Part One

"Christmas often brings joy, and other times, sadness. For Maya, the holiday meant the entertainment of her mother-in-law. Plus, the forced endurance of a long list of complaints. Where this woman was concerned, she would never be perfect for her son.
But, this was the night before that whole disaster would unfold. Tonight, she and Paul would exchange gifts with each other. Alone. The two of them. Fireplace. Wine. Maybe more. Maya smiled..." 

Stuck That Way

"Wow. How'd ya do that?" The boy appeared to have eyes like saucers.

"You've got to control your energy, son. Watch." His father's hand flashed back and forth from one material form to another. "When you perfect the technique, you can do this..."

"Whoa, your whole head changed! Super cool." He twisted and scrunched his face in contorted expressions, but held the same shape of himself.

The man laughed with delight at his young son's attempts to morph his appearance. His jubilation ceased the moment the boy's mother waltzed in and joined them...



"Camille yanked Tiffany with such excessive force, the demon-possessed girl flew off the chair. Her head smacked the against seat's edge as she plummeted down before resting lifeless on the parquet floor.
The three girls stared at the uninvited, snobbish girl, splayed at their feet. Camille was sure only she held this sentiment. Tiffany had received an invitation from Debbie, who had been invited by Ellie, whose friendship she questioned.
In observation, Tiffany Moondyne appeared normal, or as normal as an unconscious person could. None the less, the girls' true nature exposed itself in the raw, leathery fibers coated in bloody slime stretched across her cheeks. The eyes had glared back like hot embers from a hellish fire..."

Published October 28, 2019

When Camille Abraxas moves in with her grandfather after her father's death, she discovers her family is the center of the town's supernatural lore and realizes it might all be the truth.


My latest published piece is available at Coffee House Writers. I hope you enjoy a dose of dramatic irony. 

Praise for Something Lurking!

Something Lurking, Part Three

"Halfway to his kill, I realize, I can't catch him."


I'm now a content writer with Coffee House Writers!

Something Lurking, Part Two

"I disregard my pain and embrace the sun's warmth on my skin. No last meal. No goodbyes. But, for a moment, I can have this."

Something Lurking, Part One

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