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"You're a little twisted," Terri said after reading my short story collection.
I said, "Thanks."

I love to write stories with twist endings, weird situations, and unexpected themes. Yet, behind each story lies a simple truth about our human experience. I hope you enjoy reading my work as much as I enjoy writing it.
Thanks for visiting my website. Julie

Writers Helping Writers

Published October 28, 2019

When Camille Abraxas moves in with her grandfather after her father's death, she discovers her family is the center of the town's supernatural lore and realizes it might all be the truth.


My latest published piece is available at Coffee House Writers. I hope you enjoy a dose of dramatic irony. 

Praise for Something Lurking!

Something Lurking, Part Three

"Halfway to his kill, I realize, I can't catch him."


I'm now a content writer with Coffee House Writers!

Something Lurking, Part Two

"I disregard my pain and embrace the sun's warmth on my skin. No last meal. No goodbyes. But, for a moment, I can have this."

Something Lurking, Part One

Coffee House Writers

Intern Writer at Coffee House Writers

I am happy to announce that on August 8, 2019, Coffee House Writers, an online publisher, accepted me as an intern writer. The scheduled date for my first publication with them is September 2, 2019. Very excited to be part of this fantastic community.